How big is the group?
Growth groups typically consist up of 8-14 people.
How often do they meet?
They generally meet once a week for 12 consecutive weeks.
Will I be in my Growth Group forever?
Groups typically run in 12 week sessions. The Fall session runs from September to December and the Spring sessions runs from February to May. Some people choose to stay with the same group session to session, while others opt to switch groups after a session due to topic, day of the week, etc. Either way, we hope everyone can make being involved in a Growth Group a consistent priority.
Will there be people in my stage of life in the group?
We always communicate who the group leaders are and individuals are free to select the group of their choice. Human nature generally draws us to folks who are at a similar life stage, yet we also value the fact there is a lot to learn from people who are at different life stages than us.
What about my kids?
We consider groups to be a family and kids are part of that family and are welcome to come. Childcare is typically arranged by the Home Group members and we’ll let you know before signing up which groups provide child care and which groups don’t.
Who leads the group?
Generally each group has two co-leaders who have been approved and trained by SFWC leadership. These leaders work together to serve their group under guidance of the Growth Group Director.
What is a typical night in a Growth Group like?
Most groups enjoy a meal or dessert together, spend time discussing a biblically based study, and share life & prayer requests with each other.