Growth Groups

Life is better with people! We believe spiritual growth occurs best in relational environments where people can help each other grow in Christ. An important focus for us is to help people move from our large environments into smaller groups where they can get to know one another and help each other become more like Jesus. Every week our Growth Groups meet all over the community to study, pray and share life together, and find tangible ways to serve our community.   

All groups launch the week of February 27th and will run until May.


Spring 2017 Groups
Men’s Breakfast at Zips 
Meeting:  Every Monday @ 8:30AM
An informal opportunity to fellowship, talk about sports, God or just life in general. No need to sign up for this group. Just come as you're able and enjoy some time with the guys.
Jim & Judi Archibald
Location: Archibald Home - Northwest of Suncrest
Meeting: Monday Evenings
Study: Authentic: Developing the Disciplines of a Sincere Faith
Pastor James MacDonald introduces believers to spiritual disciplines that will help them develop a closer walk with God. Discover how much you can grow in Christlikeness as you pursue the practices of Bible study, prayer, fasting, fellowship, service, and worship.
Bart & Heather Orth 
Location: Orth Home - Suncrest
*Childcare available

Meeting:  Monday Evenings
Study:  The Book of Acts
Jesus is back in Heaven, so now what? Come explore the launch of the church and the powerful work of lives being transformed by the Gospel as we walk through the Book of Acts together in simple, group discussion fashion.

Prayer Group 
Location: SFWC Upper Building
Meeting: Tuesdays @ 9:00 AM 
A time to pray for personal needs as well as the non-confidential requests submitted to the church on a weekly basis. 
Pam McDonald 
Location: TBD
Meeting:  Tuesday Evenings
 “Son of God: The Life of Jesus in You” by Rick Warren
Explore the life of Jesus from his birth through the resurrection using selections from the “Son of God” miniseries along with teaching from Pastor Rick Warren.
Jason & Rebekah Cummings 
Location: Cummings Home - Suncrest
*Childcare available

Meeting:  Tuesday Evenings
Study:  Loving Our Kids on Purpose
Although there isn’t a formula for raising mistake-free children, there is hope that you can learn to control yourself no matter what choices your children invite into their lives. The peace that comes from making the right adjustments in your child’s mistakes is phenomenal.
Larry Catalano & Bill McDaniel 
Location: Catalano Home - Suncrest
Meeting:  Tuesday Evenings
Study:  “Praying Together” by author James Banks
This engaging guide will help you find inspiring examples of people united in prayer, tips to help you build your confidence, questions for reflection, a guide for organizing a prayer group, and several other practical tools.
Women’s Bible Study 
Location: SFWC Lower Building
*Childcare available

Meeting: Thursdays @ 10:00 AM 
Leader:  Stephanie Armond
Study:  To be determined

Steve & Christina Patient
Location: To be determined
*Childcare available

Meeting:  Thursday Evenings
Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage
A practical, straight-forward, and hilarious look at relationships. Laugh and learn as you explore the underlying dynamics of male/female relationships. 
Brent & Sue Cole 
Location: Cole Home - Suncrest
Meeting:  Thursday Evenings
Study:  Bible Study – The Life of King David
In this examination of the “man after God's own heart,” David will delight and disappoint you. You'll want to be just like him at times and nothing like him at others. If you've ever experienced doubts, temptations, losses, or family problems, this study is for you!
Mark Roberge 
Location: Roberge Home - Deer Park
Meeting:  Thursday Evenings
Study: Men’s Group “James for You”
         James is a book full of practical, life-changing help for real life. “James for You” makes clear its teaching and applies its challenges to the experiences of everyday people.

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