Ok, you’re in…you follow Jesus… Suncrest is your church…what’s next?  We want you to move beyond being casually associated with Jesus to becoming a growing, devoted follower of Him. Along your journey there are a few steps listed below that we encourage you to take.

Personal Steps 

Attend Church Regularly

Coming together on a weekly basis to experience God is so important to our spiritual growth. We encourage you to make it part of the normal rhythm of your life. Church attendance is not the big goal, spiritual encouragement and a fresh focus on God is!  We don't want you to come alone. Invite a friend. Get involved.
Develop a Bible Reading Plan

Reading the Bible is an important way to hear God’s voice in your life. It lays out a roadmap for us to experience God and equips us with practical truths to apply in our everyday life. We encourage everyone to read it with regularity, and if you’re looking for a free online or mobile Bible for your tablet or smart phone, here's a great place to start:​


Talk With God

The creator of the universe wants to talk with you! Through prayer, God wants to give us direction, comfort and hear our greatest hopes and fears. Having regular conversations with God brings strength and vitality to our relationship with Him and perspective to navigate the issues of life. Start small. Go big.  Enjoy God.​
Enjoy God

More than anything, this is what God desires of us – to enjoy Him with all of our lives.  Jesus said, “I’ve come to give you life and life to the full!”  Knowing God in a greater way and being transformed by Jesus is anything but boring!  Honor God, yes, but make it your life’s work to enjoy Him each and every day.