Growing together.

Mosaic exists to help students find and follow Jesus.  

We seek to provide a safe, fun environment for middle and high school students to discover the grace and purpose found in Jesus and to grow in relationship with Him and with one another.
@ Silver Lake Bible Camp
Students needing financial assistance must fill out the scholarship application, and be registered before June 12th to be eligible for a scholarship.
Scholarship Application Form 

Jr. High Camp | 7.8-12.23 

Early Student Registration: $300 - JH Students by June 1st
Late Student Registration $350 - JH Students - After June 1st 
Registration Closes June 22nd

High School Camp | 7.16-20.23

Early Student Registration: $300 -  HS Students by June 8th
Late Student Registration $350 -  HS Students - After June 1st
Registration Closes June 22nd
Follow the link below to pay for Summer Camp. Enter your information and choose 'mosaic youth group' from the drop down menu.
Choose 'One Time Payment', enter your payment information and be sure to add a comment/not saying "Summer Camp Payment - Student Name"
The DTC Program is a discipleship opportunity for students who have professed faith in Jesus and who want to deepen their faith, understanding, and experience with God!
This program runs from May through may in a 12 month intensive discipleship collective.
In this program students will dive into Foundations of Christianity, how to share their faith, apologetics and will have many opportunities to serve others!

In February of each year we will talk about this program and offer an opportunity to apply!

Once your application is submitted you will be interviewed by pastor Joel, working through your application and talking about key elements.
Once applications and interviews are completed, the adult leadership team will discuss the applicants and determine if they are ready for the challenge and rigor of the program.
Acceptance or 'not yet' letters will then be presented to students who have applied. If accepted students will take 24 hours minimum to pray and seek God in if this is what He is calling them to. If a student receives a 'not yet' letter, Pastor Joel will arrange a time to talk about some of the reasons for the decision and give specific growth areas our team would like to see developed.

Frist year students will work through a discipleship training lead by Pastor Joel called 'Timothy Training'.
Students will learn the 'Four Symbol Method' for sharing their faith
Students will examine their faith and learn to communicate with clarity why they follow Jesus
Students will work on and learn to articulate their personal Testimony
Students will discuss in depth why Youth Ministry exists and why it is important
Students will do a research project on an influential Christian of History
Aside from these trainings, DTC students will be expected to attend the Vast Majority of events put on by Mosaic and will often help in the planning, set up, operation and clean up of events.

Yes! As a DTC student, you will be asked to attend Summer Camp, a Summer Leadership retreat, Fall youth conference, winter leader retreat, winter camp, spring youth conference, spring 1 day retreat and you will also be given multiple training supplies and books along the way!
The total of these events and training supplies is estimated at around $1,000 per student. We believe in the development of our youth and the importance of these opportunities so we put in $300 per student towards these costs and ask for a $700 program fee

Without Question!
We believe God has already gifted and called young people to have an immense impact for His Kingdom! As Paul wrote to Timothy in 1 Tim 4:12 we echo to our students
"Do not let anyone look down on you because you are young. Instead, be the example in faith, love, purity and self control"
You are called, you are capable, you are gifted by the Spirit of God to do great works!
It's time to step into your calling!

Wednesday Nights

7:00 - 8:20 PM
Mosaic | youth group
meets throughout the school-year, in the upper building

Sunday Mornings

10:45 AM
Breakfast Club | an interactive Study
meets upstairs, in the upper building


We have amazing Summer Camps that students can engage in. Each summer looks different so stay tuned this Spring for our Summer plans! 

Get Connected. Go deeper.

Life is better when we do it together - and that couldn't be more true for students!  
We're all about creating opportunities for students to get and stay connected to God and one another.

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